Brood Mares

Fred Sweet Date

IMG_20160110_140002004Freddy is a gorgeous bay roan mare that is easy to be around and handled. Great disposition and conformation.

Fred Sweet Date
AQHA 4810962
Yellow Roan Of Texas
AQHA 3561701
AQHA 3097910
Peppy San Badger
AQHA 1089924
Royal Blue Boon
AQHA 1601972
Docs Steady Date
AQHA 0942226
Doc Bar
AQHA 0076136
Steady Date
AQHA 0171121
Little Freida Lena
AQHA 4465316
Smart Little Fred
AQHA 3486115
Smart Little Lena
AQHA 1565822
Playboys Ruby
AQHA 2611028
JB Doll
AQHA 3213468
Jab O Lena
AQHA 1971198
 Smoken Hillbilly
AQHA 1736111


Tough Miss Starbert

IMG_20160110_135724578Snip is a big stout black mare with cutting, reining and reined cow horse bloodlines. Great disposition and conformation.

Tough Miss Starbert
AQHA 5619173
Tough San
AQHA 4286184
Sonny Pep San
AQHA 2924296
Sonny Sugar
AQHA 0896764
Anna San
AQHA 1158028
Tis Miss Joak
AQHA 2084956
Tisjoaks Leo
AQHA 0394965
Miss Siemon Bar
AQHA 0740194
Frosts Bert Lass
AQHA 4042209
Drop Of Frost
AQHA 2033176
Docs Jack Frost
AQHA 0537190
Drop Of Sugar
AQHA 0688552
Starberts Lass
AQHA 3251100
Watch Jo Pac
AQHA 3313156
 Miss Gray Sorrel
AQHA 2482400

Krogs Panda Cat

IMG_20160110_135227652Miss Kitty is a coming up broodmare that I am thinking of breaking and maybe showing. She has High Brow Cat and Smart Little Lena bloodlines so should make a reining, cutting or rein cow horse prospect. Good disposition and conformation.

Krogs Panda Cat
AQHA 5611813
Cant Kick This Cat
AQHA 5197987
High Brow Cat
AQHA 2706274
High Brow Hickory
AQHA 2075796
Smart Little Kitty
AQHA 2198722
Smart Gals Dont Dual
AQHA 4506752
Dual Pep
AQHA 2426289
The Smart Look
AQHA 2689896
Watch Panda Play
AQHA 4843278
AQHA 4213270
Grays Starlight
AQHA 2405900
Play Miss Hickory
AQHA 3410505
Watch Benito Panda
AQHA 4426029
Watch Jo Pac
AQHA 3313156
 Benitos Panda
AQHA 2079403

BXL Pretty Lucky Pep

IMG_20151128_092238361_HDRI got Peppy kind of because she reminded me of a gelding (Duf) that I had for almost 30 years and also because of her bloodlines. She should be able to go to the reining, cutting or rein cow horse pen then raise colts. Great disposition and conformation.

BXL Pretty Lucky Pep
AQHA 5614797
Peptos Pretty Spoon
AQHA 5085416
Hes A Peptospoonful
AQHA 3768647
AQHA 3097910
Miss Smarty Rey
AQHA 2760290
Another Pretty Pep
AQHA 3677703
Smartest Little Pep
AQHA 3023985
Rosewood Doll
AQHA 1201661
Three Star Luck
AQHA 3734866
Codelles Gent
AQHA 2166242
Cow Gent
Blue Codelle
AQHA 1096322
Pats First Charm
AQHA 2021614
Maucho Charm
AQHA 1609107
 Pats May Basket
AQHA 0910127

Chex Spining Lady

IMG_20150903_174611198Spitfire is a beautiful perlino filly by Chex Driftinon Center who is a money winner in reining and out of a Frosty Feature mare.  She should be able to do it all then go into a broodmare band.  The first colts out of Chex Driftinon Center are under saddle now and showing a lot of promise.  The colts out of Par For Frosty  are being shown and used as ranch horses.  Dakota Classy Doc is her half brother and so is Chex Driftinon Bye.

Chex Spining Lady
AQHA 5526671
Chex Driftinoncenter
AQHA 4881095
Hickory Smoked Chex
AQHA 3926655
Chex In My Pocket
AQHA 3166362
Nino Hickory Lady
AQHA 3051991
Drift With A Note
AQHA 3036754
Cow Ladys Drifter
AQHA 2473529
Notes Classic Snippy
AQHA 22585113
Par For Frosty
AQHA 4012079
Dry Ice Man
AQHA 3495915
Frosty Feature
AQHA 1382591
Roanie Jackie
AQHA 1892255
Par For Honey
AQHA 2977738
Heavenly Oak Bar
AQHA 2558004
AQHA 2127517

Dakota Classy Rose

AQHA#: 5459370 Color: Palomino Foaled: May 14, 2012

AQHA 5459370
Color: Palomino
Foaled: May 14, 2012

Sissy is a good looking palomino mare by Classy Dakota Jack and out of Skips Classy Rose (who is still in my broodmare band) that has a good disposition and conformation.  Her parents have produced some good colts that are use on ranches, show and performance arena and she should be able to do the same thing.

Dakota Classy Rose
AQHA 5459370
Classy Dakota Jack
AQHA 4712308
Mr Pine Cody
AQHA 3730093
Zan Tres
AQHA 2687364
Babe Pine
AQHA 2817965
Cinderwood Fox
AQHA 351511
Cinderwood Doc
AQHA 3052225
Foxy Cherry
AQHA 2646571
Skips Classy Rose
AQHA 4041408
Skip Supress
AQHA 3457777
Skip A Depth
AQHA 2023901
Skip Repress
AQHA 2347569
Classy Eyed Princess
AQHA 3129708
Classy Bar Twist
AQHA 0942381
Watch Joe Princess
AQHA 2191661

Redwood Missplaygirl

Playgirl is a beautiful palomino mare that goes back to Freckles Playboy, Doc O’lena, Colonel Freckles, Sugar Bars and other great performance horses.  Her colts should all be performers. She has a super disposition and conformation. She is a half sister to Playboy CJ and Playgirl Lady CJ.

Redwood Missplaygirl
AQHA 5535168
Two Timin Freckles
AQHA 3370851
Freckles Playboy
AQHA 0911588
Jewel’s Leo Bars
AQHA 0206037
Gay Jay
AQHA 0143266
Freckles O Lena
AQHA 1764853
Doc O’Lena
AQHA 0493297
Sugar Freckles
AQHA 0579658
Colonel Miss Redwood
AQHA 5360314
Coyote Colonel
AQHA 2548241
Colonel Freckles
AQHA 0911585
Christy Jay
AQHA 0473601
Redwood Glitter
AQHA 3743836
Sonny Sugar
AQHA 0896734
Redwood Beth
AQHA 2013648

Gunsmoken N Roses

2013 Horses and other 137

AQHA 5468512
Color: Bay
Foaled: May 18, 2012


Rosa is a gorgeous bay mare that has a great disposition and conformation.  She has bloodlines that include reining, reined cowhorse and cutting.  She is related to Ima Kissin Fool (listed in the show page). Her parents are both performance horses.   I am having her broke and we are going to try and show her in reining and reined cowhorse before she goes into the broodmare band.


Gunsmoken N Roses
AQHA 5468512
Gunsmoken Playboy
AQHA 4102259
Freckles Playboy
AQHA 0911588
Jewel’s Leo Bars
AQHA 0206037
Gay Jay
AQHA 1243266
Carlita Lena
AQHA 2600517
Doc O’Lena
AQHA 0493297
Mild Smoke
AQHA 1229437
CL Shining Freckles
AQHA 4102259
Freckles Charge
AQHA 2278111
Colonel Freckles
AQHA 0911585
Gee Sugar
AQHA 0723507
Jackie Joe Lynx
AQHA 2910955
Lucky Joe Lynx
AQHA 1824237
JB Jackie Blue Jo
AQHA 1938916

Krogs Zippy Finch

AQHA# 5472833 Color: Red Roan Foaled: April 24, 2012

AQHA 5472833
Color: Red Roan
Foaled: April 24, 2012

Roanie is a gorgeous bay roan mare that moves like a western pleasure horse but is bred to work a cow. She had the bloodlines of Smart Little Lena. She should produce colts that will watch a cow but at the same time be smooth movers. Good disposition and conformation.

Krogs Zippy Finch
AQHA 5472833
Smart Little Finch
AQHA 4547404
Smart Little Romeo
AQHA 3915500
Smart Little Rondee
AQHA 317527
Docs Sparta
AQHA 2818015
Krogs Roan Lady
AQHA 2917110
Majestic Spinner
AQHA 1998062
Krogs Sizzling Bar
AQHA 2472352
Krogs Zippy Roanie
AQHA 3829126
Zippo Blue Pine
AQHA 2569238
Zippo Pat Bars
AQHA 0409541
Heart Bar Hazel
AQHA 1048872
Krogs Blue Robin
AQHA 3229260
Redmount Blue
AQHA 2142145
Robbys Robin
AQHA 2609935
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